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Easy Resume Builder FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions. Please send us an email, if you couldn’t find an answer to your query. thanks

  •  How can I remove advertisements from Easy Resume Builder?

Easy Resume Builder Pro version is now available on app store which doesn’t have advertisements.

Easy Resume Builder

  • How can I change the date format ?

Application tries to get user location to automatically setup relevant date format. If user doesn’t grant permission to access location then date format can also be changed from settings.

Easy Resume Builder FAQ

  •  How can I disable auto-reordering of jobs?

Jobs are automatically rearranged in chronological order based on the start date. It can be disabled from Settings. Moreover, It allows to rearrange the order of your jobs manually with drag and drop feature.

  • How can I configure my mailbox to share my resumes ?


  • Is the application support only one type of Date Format?

No, application support multiple types of date format that can be selected from the Settings button displayed on the top bar of main page after creating the profile.

  • How can I build my resume from the start?

By selecting the option of “ADD NEW PROFILE” and entering your name to be displayed on Resume you can start building the resume.

  • How many Resume’s can be build using Easy Resume Builder?

You can build as many resumes as you want.

  • Can I delete my profile?

On the profile list screen, to delete the profile, swipe the profile name to the left, and delete button will be displayed to delete the profile.

  • Is there any option to remove the picture from the Personal Information?

Click on the picture, multiple options will be displayed, from there option of “Remove Photo” can be selected to remove the picture from the resume.

  • Is one can add his/her own objectives, or edit the predefined objectives in the app?

Yes, one can write down its own objective in the text field given at the bottom of the page, or can select the objective and edit it in the text field at the bottom.

  • How the work experience is displayed in the Employment History screen?

The work experience is saved and displayed by default in the chronological order

  • Can I rearrange the work experience in the Employment History?

Yes, it can be done in multiple ways.
1. You can click the edit button on the Employment History page, select the option of “YES” and can reorder the employment history by dragging the row from the bar on the extreme left.
2. Or you can visit the settings screen, and disable the option of automatic reorder before adding the work history, and history will be saved according to the data entered.

  • What I have to do if I want to order the employment history in the chronological order?

You can rearrange the employment history in the chronological order by enabling the option of Automatic Reorder from the settings screen.

  • How the employment history record can be deleted?

From the edit button, and selecting the desire option of reordering message popup, the delete button is displayed in front of each record and separate employment recorded can be deleted.

  • Can we reorder Education, Projects, Trainings, Certifications & Reference records?

The current version of the application does not support the reordering of the Education, Projects, Trainings, Certifications & References records.

  • When I generate the resume, the cover letter is attached with the resume?

Yes, the cover letter is attached by default with the resume, but can be detached from the “Cover Letter Attach/Detach” options from the Cover Letter Screen.

  • From where I can view my final resume?

User can view your Resume by clicking view and share button which display the resume draft in the web view without any formatting.

  • Is there any option to generate PDF of Resume’?

PDF format resume can be generated when the resume draft is created with the “VIEW PDF” button from the top bar.

  • How to share or print Resume’?

On generating the resume in the PDF format, the option of EMAIL & PRINT is available on the top bar to email or print the resume PDF format from the app.

  • Can I add my picture to Resume?

Yes, you can add your picture by clicking on picture sign and choose from gallery, take photo or remove photo.

  • How to get ad free version?

Click on NO AD button, that will redirect to pro version of application.

  • If I create the resume on one device and open the app on the other device the resumes are not displayed in the second device?

The app does not support the option of cloud saving so the resume generated in one device is not visible on the other device.

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