Android Smart Fake Call FAQ

Android Smart Fake Call FAQ

Fake Call and SMS android application¬†FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions. Please send us an email on “”, if you couldn’t find an answer to your query.

  • How many calls can be schedule in the app?

User can schedule as many calls as he/she want.

  • From which option I can schedule multiple calls?

Multiple calls button opens the screen to add multiple calls.

  • How can I change call settings?

You can change the settings using settings button on the right of the top menu bar in Main Menu.

  • Can the settings for a scheduled call be changed later?

Yes, settings for a scheduled call can be changed before the call is received.

  • Is there any option to receive an instant fake call?

Quick Call button is used to receive the fake call instantly.

  • What will happen if I set more than one calls at a time?

Only one call will ring and others will cancelled.

  • Can I view fake call in my call logs?

Yes you can view your cancelled, received and missed calls in your device by default call logs application.

  • In the device call logs, the fake caller name is not displayed?

For the fake call received, only the number of the fake caller is displayed with the call time and call duration. The name of fake caller from the app is not displayed as it is not saved in the contacts list of the device

  • For how many time Fake Call rings?

Fake Call rings approximately for one and half minutes.

  • How can I delete scheduled call / calls?

Scheduled calls can be deleted one by one or from the clear all button on the screen top bar.

  • Is the history of the fake calls is maintained anywhere?

Yes, the history for all the calls can be viewed from the history screen.

  • What will happen if a call is going on and other scheduled call time is reached?

The other call will be cancelled.

  • How can I record a recording?

In settings by clicking the Recording button, recording screen will open, enter recording name click Record button to record.

  • How can I delete recordings?

You can delete the recordings from the Delete button on the Recording screen.

  • What is the purpose of recordings?

The recordings can be set as voice of call form drop down in settings and selected recording will played in call.

  • How can I change background/profile picture?

You can change background and profile picture by selecting the picture from the gallery or by taking picture from camera. Default picture can also be set later.

  • Will call ring if phone is locked or application is closed?

Call will ring if application is closed or phone is locked. In some devices you need to white list application to ring when phone is locked.

  • How to change ringtone and voice?

Ringtone for the call can be selected from the drop down list opened on clicking the ringtone name in the settings screen.