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Easy SMS Popup





Now receive and reply to your messages instantly from any screen of the device or in the middle on the important work easily without any problem using the SMS popup application. The messages are displayed on the screen in the form of the popup, and the reply can be sent from the popup without closing the running application.

Some of the application features are as follows:

– Beautiful and interactive design
– Option to enable or disable SMS Popup
– Option to enable or disable SMS Popup Notification
– Option to enable or disable SMS Popup Notification Sound
– Option to set the popup notification sound
– Option to set the signatures in the reply from the SMS Popup
– Privacy option to hide the SMS popup contents
– Preset messages
– Option to add custom preset messages
– And much more…

All the features are freely available.

Like the app and please share with your friends and other people you know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it can be resolved. All the comments for improvements and positive criticism will be appreciated.


SmsPopUp_ss_N5_3  SmsPopUp_ss_N5_5

Easy SMS Popup is available on the Google Play Store:


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