Android Easy Resume Builder FAQ

Android Easy Resume Builder FAQ

Easy Resume Builder FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions. Please send us an email on “”, if you couldn’t find an answer to your query.

  • How can I build my resume from the start?

By selecting the option of “ADD NEW PROFILE” and entering your name to be displayed on Resume you can start building the resume.

  • How many Resume’s can be build using Easy Resume Builder?

Many resumes can be created by adding multiple profiles for the resume.

  • How can I edit the profile name?

To edit the profile name, from the “Profile Detail” screen, press the profile name, and select the edit option to change the profile name.

  • Is there a way to delete the complete profile?

Yes, to delete the profile, press the profile name in the “Profiles” list, and select the delete option to delete the profile.

  • On changing the name of the profile name, the name displayed in the resume is also changed?

As the name entered in the personal information is displayed in the resume, which is linked with the profile name, on changing the profile name, name in the personal .

  • Is the application support only one type of Date Format?

No, application support multiple types of date format that can be selected from the Settings button displayed on the top bar of main page after creating the profile.

  • From where I can view my final resume?

Resume can be viewed by clicking Generate Resume and then View, Download or print resume.

  • Is there any option to share Resume?

Resume can be shared in PDF format by clicking share via email.

  • Can a record of education, work , projects references be deleted?

A record can be deleted by pressing the record and popup is displayed with the message to delete the record.

  • If I create the resume on one device and open the app on the other device the resumes are not displayed in the second device?

The app does not support the option of cloud saving so the resume generated in one device is not visible on the other device.

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