Easy Call and SMS Blocker



Easy Call and SMS Blocker




If someone is disturbing you by sending you the unwanted SMS or by calling you or you don’t want to receive SMS or Calls of some specific contacts, then this application is for you which blocks all the unwanted calls and SMS and keep the record of all the blocked calls and SMS.

Some of the features of the app are:

– User friendly interface
– Create the block list
– Add contact or import contacts in the block list from the saved contacts or call logs
– Option to block the SMS only, Call only or both for specific contact
– Notification is displayed when the SMS or Call is blocked by the app
– And much more…

All these features are available in the free version and no need to buy the app.

Like the app., please share with your friends and other people you know. Face any problem, let us know so that it should be resolved. All the comments for improvements and positive criticism will be appreciated.


Easycallandsmsblocker_ss_N5_1  Easycallandsmsblocker_ss_N5_2

Easy Call and SMS Blocker is available on the Google Play Store:


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