About Us

We are specialized in providing app developments and data migration services. We are proficient in mobile apps and data migration solutions in a variety of categories that range from business applications to education, entertainment, multimedia, location-based and much more. We provide our customers with the utmost level of professionalism and satisfaction as we help develop and bring their ideas to life.

We have delivered multiple data migration projects across Australia and United States. Our experienced data migration consultants who has assisted major companies like Accenture, BHP Billiton and Brisbane City Council during their data migration projects. We can help your organization in achieving a highly effective data migration. Our resources are experienced and fully certified consultants with proven record.

Our consultants will assist with the following main activities for better outcomes on data migration investments. Our professionals who are certified in both the source and the destination systems. We know how to take data from source to destination databases.

  1. Data Profiling and Cleansing
  2. Data De-Duplication
  3. Mapping
  4. Data Extraction
  5. Data Cleanse
  6. Data Transform
  7. Export
  8. Load
  9. Data Validation

Moreover, we also develop mobile apps and games, which are available on google play store and iOS app stores serves as a testament to our knowledge and expertise on the field. With more than 3 million downloads and excellent reviews from top-notch community sites and users from all around the world, our portfolio demonstrates the quality of our work as well as the level of professionalism and outstanding support we provide to our clients.

If you have an app idea, we will be pleased to assist you with app development and app deployment. We design and develop Apps for iPhone and Android. Our app development process is simple and straightforward, which safeguards interests of all parties.

Below are the important steps of our product development process.

  1. Free Initial Consultations
  2. Requirement documentation and approvals (hourly rate)
  3. Prototyping and user interface finalization (fixed rate)
  4. Product development (fixed rate)
  5. Testing and modification (hourly rate)
  6. Product Deployment (hourly rate)
  7. Support & Maintenance (hourly rate)