Now teaching the kids or the learning for kid have become more interesting and easier with the coloring book especially made for the education purposes for the kids/toddlers.Read More →

     Now no need to keep the records of the properties, tenants and accessors in the registers. Maintain and keep your own property database all the time with you in your device with the complete property reports and with all the necessary informations of the tenants and accessors.Read More →

     Lock and protect your pictures, images, personal memories from others who have access to your device. Maintain your privacy with the Gallery Locker with out asking anyone to say away from your device gallery, your personal pictures or from your videos.Read More →

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           If you are learning any language or you want to translate the text of another language into your native language for better understanding, then this application is for you with multiple option.Read More →

      In this busy and fast life when people forget about themselves achieving their goals, most of them forgot to take care of their health especially when they are not feeling good and are on the medication. Now users don’t have to remember the time of the medicine with the application.Read More →

  Now receive and reply to your messages instantly from any screen of the device or in the middle on the important work easily without any problem using the SMS popup application. The messages are displayed on the screen in the form of the popup, and the reply can be sent from the popup without closing the running application.Read More →

  If someone is disturbing you by sending you the unwanted SMS or by calling you or you don’t want to receive SMS or Calls of some specific contacts, then this application is for you which blocks all the unwanted calls and SMS and keep the record of all the blocked calls and SMS.Read More →

        If you are health conscious and do the running or jogging then this app is for you. Keep track of you steps and your course with the application.Read More →

     Now get rid of the paperwork and attendance register. Now use your device for the attendance of the employees, interns or students using the attendance register. Leave the old days of tracking the attendance for specific individual rather keep track of everyone attendance with the application in the most efficient way.Read More →