Cargo Truck 3D

Cargo Truck 3D

Cargo Truck 3D

Cargo Truck 3D Cargo Truck 3D
Cargo Truck 3D





  Cargo Truck 3D is a mobile game, which is developed in Unity Platform. It is for iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon phones.Main challenge of this game is transporting woods to various location safely and in timely manner. Otherwise, the soldiers will run out of wood stock.  Prove your driving skills by transporting the valuable woods to the various location successfully. Cross all the hurdles on the way to transport the woods safely to the destination without any damage and loss of the cargo while driving. Dodge all the hurdle on the way. Challenge your driving skills by completing the levels on time in the jungle and city environment.Don’t miss the fun and sit behind the steering wheel of the truck and drive with precision and accuracy to transport the valuable goods at the destination.

Cargo Truck 3D

is available on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon app stores.

Cargo Truck 3D Cargo Truck 3D Cargo Truck 3D

Follow the following instructions to play Cargo Truck 3D.

  1. Download free version of Cargo Truck 3D from either iTunes, Google Play or Amazon app stores 
  2. Use the accelerator buttom to speed up the cargo truck
  3. Use brake paddle to stop or slow down the truck
  4. Steering wheel helps to turn the truck in different direction
  5. Use the Gear lever for the Forward and Reverse Gear

Cargo Truck 3D has the following features:

1. Beautiful and interactive interface
2. Beautiful and attractive background music
3. 6 Challenging transport mission
4. 2 beautiful environment
5. Realistic hurdles
6. And much more

Cargo Truck 3D is a very good mobile game, Let us know your thoughts, so it can be improved gradually with your help. We thank you for all your donations and spreading the word by sharing it with your friends and family members.

Check below beautiful screenshots before start playing Cargo Truck 3D.

Cargo Truck 3D  Cargo Truck 3D